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Gradinita Lumea Copiilor - Kids' World Nursery School

Gradinita Lumea Copiilor

Gradinita LUMEA COPIILOR este gradinita ideala pentru parintii care vor ce este mai bun pentru copilul lor. Ne dorim sa transformam procesul de invatare intr-o experienta atractiva si provocatoare si sa punem in valoare importanta invatarii prin joc. Suntem autorizati ARACIP (autorizatia 3798/04.05.2009)
Scopul nostru este acela de a asigura un mediu educational care sa stimuleze, unde copiii sa se simta in siguranta, fericiti si increzatori. Invatand prin joc ne propunem sa dezvoltam aptitudinile fiecarui copil, cunoasterea si capacitatea de intelegere a acestora, sa promovam procesul de invatare si sa incurajam exprimarea in mod creativ a copiilor. adaptam ariile de invatare si activitatile didactice astfel incat acestea sa corespunda nevoilor si intereselor fiecarui copil. De aceea, copiii lucreaza fie individual cu un profesor, fie in grupuri mici.
La gradinita LUMEA COPIILOR noi incurajam copiii sa exploreze, sa descopere si sa invete cu ajutorul unor profesori cu multa experienta.
Predare exclusiv in limba engleza dupa curriculumul britanic pentru prescolari cu varste cuprinse intre 18 luni si 7 ani, facilitati si baza materiala de exceptie, cabinet medical propriu cu medic specialist pediatru si profesori cu experienta al caror scop este indeplinirea misiunii pe care ne-am propus-o:

Copii educati prin joc, parinti fericiti!

Programa Kids’ World (LUMEA COPIILOR)

Gradinita Kids’ World opereaza in limba engleza dupa programa britanica pentru copii intre 2 si 6 ani. astfel ne propunem sa facem din procesul de invatare o experienta placuta si provocatoare si sa punem in valoare metoda invatarii prin joc. Aceasta permite copiilor sa-si dezvolte aptitudini esentiale precum vorbirea, ascultarea, concentrarea. Prin aceasta metoda copiii invata sa coopereze si sa lucreze independent, invata concepte matematice si incep sa citeasca si sa scrie in limba engleza de la varsta de 4 ani. Programa britanica pentru prescolari promoveaza dezvoltarea copilului in cele 6 mari arii de dezvoltare:

1. Dezvoltare personala, sociala si emotionala
2. Dezvoltarea comunicarii si a limbajulului
3. Dezvoltarea matematica
4. Cunoasterea si intelegerea mediului inconjurator
5. Dezvoltarea fizica
6. Dezvoltarea creativa


Cursuri optionale: Balet, Drama, ICT, Arta, Dansuri Moderne, Limba Germana, Limba Franceza, Curs de gatit, Inot la ALEXANDREEA SPA, Sah.

Cadrul profesoral : educatoare calificate cu multa experienta in activitatea didactica, profesori optionale (limba franceza, limba germana, balet, initiere in tainele calculatorului, karate, dans modern, drama, inot), ingrijitoare cu experienta, asistenta medicala, medic specialist pediatru.

Activitati extracuriculare : TEATRU in gradinita, o data pe luna, vizite la muzee, vizite tematice: la Ferma de vacute, la Ferma animalelor, la Fabrica de jucarii, la Piccolo Pizza, La Smurd, etc, colaborare cu Children Tour for Education (

Materiale didactice si echipamente : Mobilier adecvat pentru desfasurarea activitatilor educationale, 3 tobogane, 2 casute, book-shelf in fiecare clasa, patuturi, calculatoare, orga, cd-player in fiecare clasa, DVD, LCD, jocuri si jucarii educative, carti cu povesti pentru copii in limba engleza, materiale didcatice pentru profesori in conformitate cu programa britanica.

Serbari si evenimente: Serbari de Craciun si de Final de an scolar, evaluarea bianuala a dezvoltarii copilului in toate ariile curiculare, intalniri cu parintii, discutii, petreceri ocazionate de zilele de nastere ale copiilor din gradinita.

NOU! Gradinita Lumea Copiilor ofera CURSURI CAMBRIDGE
Incepand din acest an scolar am initiat un parteneriat cu British Council Romania in urma caruia am devenit centru de predare cursuri Young Learners.
Nivelurile STARTERS 1 si STARTERS 2
Nivelul MOVERS
Nivelul FLYERS

Fiecare nivel are o frecventa de 2 ori/ saptamana, cate 60 de minute. Grupele sunt formate din maxim 6 copii fiecare. La finalul unui nivel, in urma examenului aferent, copilul primeste diploma Cambridge aferenta nivelului respectiv.
Pret lunar pentru fiecare nivel: 200 RON / 8 sedinte / copil
Pret suport curs: 130 RON
– se plateste la inceput pentru achizitionarea manualelor si a fiselor aferente fiecarui nivel.


Gradinita Lumea Copiilor - membru British Council din 2018: in urma parteneriatului de 3 ani cu British Council si a rezultatelor extraordinare la examenele YLE (Young Learners of English) ale copiilor care frecventeaza cursurile Cambridge, am fost premiati de British Council cu aceasta recunoastere.


Educational Offer 2020- 2021

We set this school in Bucharest in an attractive residential area in sector 3, in order to serve the social and educational needs of toddlers and pre-school children and as an alternative to the old-fashioned state owned educational system. We are a non-profit making foundation.
The building has ground floor, 2 floors and attic where we set 4 kindergarten classrooms, bedroom, sports room, messy areas according to British curriculum, medical care, kitchen, 5 bathrooms, after-school zone with lots of rooms for study and relaxation and office, all arranged according to requested standards.
The playground is big, covered with rubber for an increased safety of children, thus allowing a proper progress of the playground play.


Kids’ World Nursery School operates in English at all times and follows the British Foundation Stage Curriculum for children aged from 2 to 6 years. With this we aim to make learning a fun and challenging experience and recognize the value of play in all the 6 areas of learning:
- Personal, social and emotional development
- Communication, language and literacy
- Mathematical development
- Knowledge and understanding of the world
- Physical development
- Creative development
They enable children to develop key skills such as speaking, listening, concentration, learning to work with others and early numeracy and literacy. (For literacy we embraced the Jolly Phonics system, which is a thorough foundation for reading and writing. It teaches the letter sounds in an enjoyable, multisensory way, and enables children to use them to read and write from the age of 4.)
Our aim is to provide a stimulating, educational environment where children can feel happy, secure and confident. Learning through play we aim to develop each child’s skills, knowledge and understanding, to promote learning and to encourage the children to express themselves creatively. We adapt the learning environment and activities to suit the needs and interests of each child. Children work individually with a teacher or in small groups. We encourage them to explore, discover and learn with the support of trained teachers who have a very good standard of spoken English, language whose use we encourage at all times.


We offer the following extra-curricular activities :
Dance Club Little Artists’ Club
Little Chefs’ Club Boomwhackers
Good Manners Personal Development
Drama Club Swimmimg at Alexandreea Spa
Piano (individual)
Foreign languages clubs like French, German, etc.
On a separate paper you will be asked to tick the clubs you chose for your child to attend.

Kids’ World provides education for children from the ages of 18 months to 6 years.


We offer 4 classes with maximum of 8-10 children in each. These are:


You can choose between the following schedules:
8:00 - 12:00 – Short day (250 EURO)
8:00 - 14:00 – Normal day (275 EURO)
8:00 - 16:00 – Long day (300 EURO
8:00 - 18:00 – Extended day (325 EURO)
8:00 – 19:00 – Extra Day (350 EURO)


At Kids’ World we have a ratio of 1-10 (educator - children). In case there are more than 10 children enrolled in one class 2 trained educators will staff.
The auxiliary staff will be responsible with cleaning, helping children when using the toilets, when washing hands and during meals.


In order to avoid delicate circumstances and for your child's safety you will be asked to fill in a list with persons allowed to pick up your child which will remain in his/her personal file. The class teacher will also have a copy of the list.

MEALS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE MONTHLY FEE. Breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack are provided by our catering company depending on your child’s schedule.
We have different menus which we alternate according to the season. You will receive them every Thursday afternoon for the following week, and will be posted weekly at the entrance display.
You will also be asked to fill in an allergy form, if your child has any, and please let the school / class teachers know if your child is unable to eat certain foods for religious reasons or others (e.g. food allergies).
Note: Staff will encourage children to eat in any attractive way they can find, depending on each child, but they will not force a child to eat.
Note: Details about your child’s meals will be discussed separately with the School Manager.
Breakfast = 3 RON
Fruit Snack = 2 RON
Lunch = 15 RON
Afternoon snack = 5 RON



In our school we maintain good practice in hygiene. Children are trained to:
- wash their hands before eating, after going to the toilet or after coming back from outdoor playtimes
- to cover their mouths when caughing and to use tissues to blow and wipe their noses (with help if neccessary).


Kids’ World Nursery School has its own medical room with a pediatrician who checks all children in the nursery twice a week: Mondays and Fridays
However, we all know that minor infections and illnesses can spread very easily among young children. Please help us stay healthy by keeping your child at home if for any reason, he/she has any of the following:
- temperature/fever.
- a persistent cough or any signs of a respiratory infection.
- diarrhea or any signs of an upset stomach.
- if you suspect that your child may be infectious.


All parents are required to complete the medical record for their child on enrollment. We ask parents to update these information annually or in case of any medical condition that may affect a child while in school.

Outdoor play is a valuable part of your child’s development. The playground is big, covered with rubber for an increased safety of children, thus allowing a proper progress of the playground play.
All classes have an outdoor playtime at least twice a day, for 20-30 minutes. There are exceptions such as: raining, the temperature outside falls below 0C, windy, blizzard, etc.

Kids’ World Nursery School fosters an “open door” policy towards parents. Communication is the essential key here!
We send messages by email on a daily basis through a “Daily Report” in which we tell parents about the activities that took place towards the day. Every Thurdsay afternoon, the planning of the following week theme and activities and the menu of the following week are sent to the parents. All the information can also be found on our site’s blog: and also on our Facebook page. (


All Class Teachers contribute to an observation record for each child in their class. These observations help to track a child’s progress. A progress report is completed twice a year and this is shared with parents at the Parents Teacher Meetings in January and June. All copies of children’s records are then passed on to the next teacher (or next school) at the end of the school year.


We work with children to develop self-esteem and self-discipline. We promote kindness, willingness to share and courtesy. In cases of misbehavior teachers will explain why the behavior was unacceptable and help the child understand. Physical punishment is never used or threatened. Behavioral problems will be handled in a positive way with the child’s age and level of understanding taken into consideration and with parental involvement where necessary.


Hoping that you are convinced that KIDS’ WORLD NURSERY SCHOOL is the best choice for your child, for whom any effort is small compared with the greatness that each of us feels when his baby smiles happily, with no mistake in case of a future cooperation, your child will receive the best care and attention from our staff. His/ her happiness and progress are our goals. We also aim to ease your life as parents when leaving your child in our school by providing safe and excellent facilities, and also love, respect, trust and care towards your child.
Yours sincerely,
Nicoleta Popescu
General Manager

Gradinita Lumea Copiilor

Adresa: Intrarea Sectorului, nr. 10, sector 3
Cartier: Piata Muncii
Reper: Metrou P-ta Muncii, Bd. Basarabia
Numere de telefon: Tel. fix: 021/3208099
Tel. mobil: 0771242641
Persoane de contact: -
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