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A New Class at Arc-En-Ciel:
IT English and Computer Literacy

Do you want to advance your English and learn computers at the same time?
Then register for our IT English and Computer Literacy class at Arc-En-Ciel.
We will teach you to understand and use computers and English at the same time!

You will
•  learn why becoming fluent with computers and the Internet is essential for every one of us
•  explore computer hardware and understand how everything works
•  understand what operating systems and application software are, why we need them and what we use them for
•  write and format texts with word processing applications
•  create electronic spreadsheets
•  design vivid presentations
•  build useful databases
•  use audio and video applications
•  learn basic concepts in networking
•  surf the Internet to find specific information
•  create web pages
•  acquire the basics of computer programming.

If you are a pupil with some knowledge of English who wishes to build on that knowledge and also become fluent with computers, then join us for 90 minutes every Friday afternoon at Arc-En-Ciel.
Sign up now!
Call; 0723.224.247; 0788.83.87.54 or
e-mail us at: .

Adresa: Str. Popa Nan nr. 47 B, sector 2, Bucuresti
Numere de telefon: Tel. fix: 252.23.87
Tel. mobil: 0723.224.247
Fax: 252.70.82
Persoane de contact: Mona SERBANESCU - presedinte, director general

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