Gradinite - predare in limba Engleza

Gradinita Dreamland

Gradinita Dreamland

Tuturor copiilor care vin in acest loc fericit: Bun venit !

Dragi parinti,

Va uram bun venit in gradinita noastra cu predare intensiv in limba engleza. Obiectivul nostru este sa oferim un standard inalt de ingrijire si educatie in anii in care copilul asimileaza cele mai multe informatii.

Suntem situati ideal in zona rezidentiala Pipera, departe de zgomotul orasului si in drumul dumneavoastra spre serviciu. 

Un factor important al locatiei noastre este considerentul sigurantei, atat in interior cat si in exterior. In interior copiii beneficiaza de sali de clasa generoase ca dimensiuni si frumos colorate, separate pe grupuri de varsta si stagii de dezvoltare. In exterior este un spatiu de joaca larg, sigur si frumos amenajat.

Clasele separte ne permit structurarea zilei de ingrijire in functie de varsta si stadii de dezvoltare. Copiii au multe posibilitati sa-si consolideze cunostintele si sa dobandeasca altele noi bucurandu-se de multe experiente diferite intr-un loc prietenos sub ingrijirea personalului nostru calificat.

Clasele sunt grupate in functie de varsta si stadii de dezvoltare, incepand cu varsta frageda de 2-3 ani, progresand spre stadiile fundamentale intre 3-6 ani, definite in grupe de clasa de 2-3 ani, 3-4 ani, 4-5 ani si 5-6 ani. Aceasta impartire pe grupe de varsta s-a dovedit a fi extrem de benefica, permitandu-ne noua sa pregatim individual copiii pentru primii lor ani de scoala. Avem grupe mici de copii in clase bine utilate si generoase.

Copiii sunt incurajati sa se respecte unul pe celalalt , sa stabileasca prietenii si sa imparta lucrurile cu placere, pe parcursul dezvoltarii personalitatii lor. Le oferim multe oportunitati de socializare si ii incurajam prin discutii individuale si de grup.

Copiii sunt incurajati sa participe in activitati care sunt pe de o parte stimulative si pe de alta parte distractive ; cum ar fi : activitati individuale si de grup de arte plastice, jocuri care stimuleaza imaginatia, jocuri in nisip, coruri, muzica si dans, cluburi de povesti, jocuri de constructie si puzzel-uri.

Incurajam copii sa se dezvolte ca personalitati individuale .Cel mai important aspect pentru noi este ca ei sa fie fericiti, atunci dumneavoastra ca parinti veti fi fericiti.


To all children who came to this happy place: Welcome !

Dear Parents,

May we welcome you to our new kindergarten with intensive English lessons. Our aim is to provide a high standard of care and education that is enjoyable in a child’s most informative years.

We are ideally situated in Pipera residential area, far away from city centre congestion and in your way to work. The kindergarten is situated in a superb building , with secure entrance and a large garden. The premises are built to a very high standard.

An important factor of our location is the safe consideration, both internally and externally. Internally children benefit from generously sized and brightly decorated separate rooms for their particular age group and stage of development. Externally is a large secure play area.

The kindergarten has four age groups, with consideration placed on the location of every room, careful planning of each room and appropriate equipment for each age group has always been a priority.Due to the size of each room when the weather conditions are not suitable for outdoor play, children are able to enjoy their outdoor play time indoors.

The separate classroom have enable us to structure the nursery day to specifically compliment the age and stage of your child’s development. Children have many opportunities to widen their understanding and enhance their development enjoying many different experiences in a friendly environment with qualified staff. 

We provide separate class groups for each age and stage of development, starting with the early stage of 2-3 years, progressing onto the foundation stage between 3-6 years ,defined into class groups of 2-3 years , 3-4 years, 4-5 years and 5-6 years.

This class grouping has proven to be extremely beneficial enabling us to individually prepare children for their first years at school. We have small groups of children in well-equipped and nicely sized rooms.

Children are encouraged to respect one another, establish friendships and enjoy sharing and turn taking as they continue with their development. The concept of why, how and when begin to be understood and have meaning applied to them – offering plenty of opportunity for social interaction and encouraging individual as well as group discussion.

Children are encouraged to participate in activities, which are stimulating as well as being full of fun; these include : group and individual art and craft activities, imaginative play, sand play, group singing, music and dancing, group and individual story time, construction games and puzzles.

We encourage children to express themselves as individuals. The most important factor is if they are happy, then you as parents will be happy.

TV RECOMANDA Gradinitele Dreamland !

Adresa: Bld. Pipera, nr. 82, Voluntari, Ilfov
Numere de telefon: Tel.Mobil: 0787.522.122
Persoane de contact: Roxana Lupu

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