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Avenor Nursery

Avenor College

Quick facts about Avenor Nursery:

What do you need to know about Avenor Nursery?

The Nursery School  operates in accordance with British-style curriculum with English being the predominant language.

  We were established in 2003 and are  accredited by the Ministry of Education .

We accept children as young as 2 years old.

We have an optimum adult/child ratio that varies according to age (from 6 to 10 per adult)

A balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum that ensures progress and continuity, but also allows for development and change; we are guided by the British pre-school curriculum (Early Years Foundation Stage & Statutory Framework).

The groups are formed according to age: 2-3 y.o., 3-4 y.o. (Nursery), 4-5 y.o. (Reception), 5-6y.o. (Year 1).

Our teachers (Romanian and native English-speaking) fit the Avenor profile: experienced professionals that represent positive role models for Avenor students, both on a professional as well as a general human level; they are open to new methods and willing to develop continuously.

  A holistic, multi-sensory approach  based on an abundance of resources, activities and experiences.

  Creative methods of teaching  that focus more on the formative approach, than on the informative one.

 A persistent focus on the personal, social and emotional development of children throughout their curricular and co-curricular activities.  

A wide range of co - curricular activities enabling children to identify their talents and passions, as well as to develop in the areas they prefer:

Co-curricular clubs are activities that aim to help children explore their learning interests in a more in-depth manner. Designed as extensions of the Early Years Foundation Stage (for Nursery and Reception groups) and of the Primary Framework for Literacy and Mathematics (for Year 1 groups), the Avenor Nursery clubs cover all the areas of learning:

- Communication and Language: I Can Speak Romanian, Storytellers, Communication through English and Wacky Wednesdays;

- Physical Development: Ballet, Delicious Delights, Fun Aerobic, Music & Movement, Woodwork, Ball Games, Fitness Kids, Let's Dance!, Martial Arts, Multisport Junior, Tennis, and Zumba;

- Personal, Social and Emotional Development: SDGs, Talk to Me, Mind Lab, Outdoor Free-Play, and Project Managers;

- Literacy: Read, Write & Illustrate and Jolly Phonics;

- Mathematics: Mathletics, Mind Twisters and Chess;

- Understanding the World: Globetrotters, Nature Detectives, S.T.E.M., Tech Savvy, and Planting & Growing;

- Expressive Arts and Design: Creative Techniques, Feel the Music, Drama & Theatre, Painting Styles, and Piano Club.

Specialized teachers: We collaborate with teachers specialized in curricular and co-curricular activities, with diverse teaching styles.

Quality facilities that are safe, comfortable and modern.

Excellent age-specific resources used in a structured environment.

Close communication with parents through a variety of media:

•  Weekly note from the teacher about upcoming activities;

•  Parent-Teacher Meetings;

•  Direct communication, by phone or face-to-face;

•  Events involving parents: Autumn Bazaar, Career Week, Cultural Celebration Day, etc.


For Avenor Nursery the school fees for the 2018 - 2019 school year are:

  • 470 EUR/month for a 9 - 12 programme;
  • 500 EUR/month for a 9 - 14 programme (it includes 1 curricular club);
  • 600 EUR/month for a 9 - 17 programme with sleep (it includes 1 curricular club and 1 co-curricular club);
  • 650 EUR/month for a 9 - 17 programme with clubs (any club, except Chess, Martial Arts, Ballet);
  • 700 EUR/month for a 9 - 17 ALL INCLUSIVE programme (it includes all co-curricular clubs).

The curricular fee is valid for the duration of the school year: 10 months (September 1 st  - June 30 th ) and it is to be paid monthly regardless of holidays or the number of absences.
For siblings, there is a 10% discount.

The basic fee is to be paid in its entirety regardless of the number of absences.

Other Fees :

•  Meals (lunch + snack) - Fixed Monthly Amount: 100 EUR/month.

•  Fees for co-curricular clubs vary according to the club and its frequency. 

•  Registration fee: 300 EUR, paid only once, at registration.

•  Deposit: 500 EUR (enrolment deposit, to be deducted from the last invoice of the current school year, according to the contract).

•  Annual fee for individual resources: 150 EUR/year for the 2 - 3s and 3 - 4s age groups, 200 EUR/year for the 4 - 5s and 5 - 6s age groups.

•  Extra Hours: Early Drop - Off (8.00 - 8.45): 25 EUR/month and Late Pick - Up (17.15 - 18.00): 25 EUR/month.

School Hours : 09.00 AM - 5.00 PM

Meals : Avenor College Cafeteria has a fully equipped kitchen where a team from our partner Flavours Catering cooks and serves lunch and afternoon snack for our students.

Nap Programme : Available

Admission Procedure:

Visit of the school and information about our educational offer;

•  Discussion with the class teachers or educational coordinator (parents and child);

•  Registration.

Adresa: Alexandru Constantinescu Street, no. 65, district 1st(near Casin Monastery)
Numere de telefon: Office Manager: Oana Fotino, mobile: 0720.288.211
Communication Officer: Andreea Ferent, mobile: 0737.043.475
Persoane de contact: Oana Fotino, Office Manager
Andreea Ferent, Communication Coordinator

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