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Avenor Nursery

Avenor College

Quick facts about Avenor Nursery:

What do you need to know about Avenor Nursery?

The Nursery School operates in accordance with British-style curriculum with English being the predominant language.

 • We were established in 2003 and are accredited by the Ministry of Education.

• We accept children as young as 2 years old.

• We have an optimum adult/child ratio that varies according to age (from 6 to 10 per adult).

• A balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum that ensures progress and continuity, but also allows for development and change; we are guided by the British pre-school curriculum (Early Years Foundation Stage & Primary Frameworks).

• The groups are formed according to age: 2-3 y.o., 3-4 y.o. (Nursery), 4-5 y.o. (Reception), 5-6y.o. (Year 1).

• Our teachers (Romanian and native English-speaking) fit the Avenor profile: experienced professionals that represent positive role models for Avenor students, both on a professional as well as a general human level; they are open to new methods and willing to develop continuously.

A holistic, multi-sensory approach based on an abundance of resources, activities and experiences.

Creative methods of teaching that focus more on the formative approach, than on the informative one.

• A persistent focus on the personal, social and emotional development of children throughout their curricular and extra-curricular activities.  

• A wide range of extra-curricular activities enabling children to identify their talents and passions, as well as to develop in the areas they prefer:

  • Sports and Movement Clubs: Ballet, Fitness Kids, Fun Aerobic, Martial Arts, Multisport Junior, Music & Movement, Tenis, Outdoor Free-Play
  • Art Clubs: Art & Craft, Dazzling Designers, Messy Creative, Creative Solutions, Drama, Music X-Travaganza, Origami, Painting Techniques, Photo Club, Piano Club.
  • Discovery Clubs:Brain Gym, Chess, Construction Games, Communication through English, Cooking for Fun, Creative Recycling, Do-It-Yourself, I Can Speak Romanian, Jolly Phonics, Just Games, League of Lego, Mind Lab, Nature Explorers, Ready to Read, Science Fun, Scouts Be Prepared, Speckle Speech, Storytelling, Talk to Me, Think Outside the Box, Travel Around the World.

• Specialized teachers: We expose children (even from nursery school level) to a variety of teachers specialized in curricular and extra-curricular activities, with diverse teaching styles.

• Quality facilities that are safe, comfortable and modern. 

• Excellent age-specific resources used in a structured environment. 

• Close communication with parents through a variety of media: 

  • Weekly note from the teacher about upcoming activities
  • Newsletter
  • Parent-Teacher Meetings
  • Consultations with parents
  • Direct communication, by phone or face-to-face
  • Events involving parents: Halloween Bazaar, Career Week, charity program, Book Week, etc.


For Avenor Nursery the school fees for the 2016 -2017 school year are:

o    450 Euro/month for a 9-12 programme

o    490 Euro/month for a 9-14 programme (it includes 1 extra-curricular club)

o    580 Euro/month for a 9-17 programme with sleep (it includes 2 extra-curricular clubs)

o    640 Euro/month for a 9-17 programme without sleep (any club, except Chess, Martial Arts, Ballet)

o    690 Euro/month for a 9-17 ALL INCLUSIVE programme (it includes all extra-curricular clubs)

The curricular fee is valid for the duration of the school year: 10 months (September 1st-June 30th). It can be paid: monthly in 10 installments, three times per year (with a 3% discount), yearly (5% discount).

For siblings, there is a 10% discount.

The basic fee is to be paid in its entirety regardless of the number of absences.

Other fees

•    Meals (lunch + snack), Fixed Monthly Amount:

  • Nursery: 85 €/month
  • Reception/Year 1: 95 €/month

       - Meals (lunch +snack), Variable on Attendance- paid monthly in advance: 115 €/month

•    Annual fee for individual resources (100 Euro/year for the 2-3s and 3-4s age groups, 150 Euro/year for the 4-5s and 5-6s age groups)

•    Fees for extra-curricular clubs. They vary according to the club and its frequency.

•    One-time registration fee of 300 Euros.

•    Deposit: 500 EUR (enrolment deposit, to be deducted from the last invoice according to the contract).

Admission procedure:

  • Visit of the school and information about our educational offer;
  • Discussion with the class teachers or Age Group Coordinator (parents and child);
  • Registration.

Adresa: Alexandru Constantinescu Street, no. 65, district 1st(near Casin Monastery)
Numere de telefon: Office Manager: Oana Fotino, mobile: 0720.288.211
Communication Officer: Andreea Ferent, mobile: 0737.043.475
Persoane de contact: Oana Fotino, Office Manager
Andreea Ferent, Communication Officer

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